Best Butt Exercises – Squats, Lunges, and More

Our ass is the part of the body we can see many times… At least, not without some effort. Yet, it is often the only part of the body with which we are most worried about. Just because I don ‘t see that does not mean that other people are not looking, right? And most of us? They are not happy with us.

We believe that they are too small, too big, too wrinkly, very flabby. The list goes on. The cardio and strength training exercises can really make a difference in their rear, depending on your body type and genetics. Learn more about the best butt exercises to get a strong butt , shapely.

The squat.


Ben Goldstein

Squats are my number one favorite for the butt. He is triggered every fibre of your buttocks muscle little crosses and also reaches the hips, thighs and calves as a bonus. The squat is a staple of any basic routine of ass. If you hurt your knees squat, check out these alternatives.

Such as:

Stand with feet hip width apart, and for greater intensity, hold weights at the level of the shoulder or on their sides.

Bend your knees and put in a occupies, keeping the knees behind the toes. Imagine that you are coming out of your ass back, but keep the torso erect and contractors.

Press in jumps up.

Repeat for 2 – 3 sets of 8 to 16 repetitions

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The lower body exercises

If lunges

The school only

Ben Goldstein

Lunges are my next favorite butt and exercise if you do them, you certainly know why. Lunges work more muscles at the same time, which is why they are so effective. On the leg in front, you will direct the ass with the hamstring while the back leg will turn on the quadriceps and calf muscles. What is nice about lunges is there a variety to choose from, such as:

Side by side wheel, lunges low and much more.

You can also raise the back foot on a step or platform really challenge the two legs. This is a great step to the buttocks and thighs, but please, avoid this movement if it gets any problems on your knees.

If you have problems with lunges, try an alternative to lunges.

Step ups.

Step ups are another big to focus attention on your butt. To really work, try to choose a platform high enough that the knee is at an angle of 90 degrees when folded. If it is a little too much, try to use the second rung in a ladder and hold the handrail for balance if you need.

Another key point is to push for the heel to lift the body and concentrate all your weight on the leg, step by step. In other words, down gently, barely touching the fingers of the other leg on the floor. You will really feel it when you take it slow and focus on the leg work. Hold weights will add a good intensity.

The highest step

Side step ups.

Cross step UPS

Extensions of hip.

While I like more compound movements (such as squats, lunges and step UPS listed above) since they work more muscle groups, the extension of the hip is an exercise that targets the buttocks as specific, you can. This is a good complement to the other exercises listed above to practice good body, broadly lower.

For this movement, you can hold a dumbbell behind the knee or ankle using weights for intensity added.

Most variations:

Elevation of the hip in ball.

If the leg deadlifts

Deadlifts are great for the hamstring, buttocks and lower back, but this version of gimp is killer in your ass. Doing nothing on a leg adds intensity and also involves the muscles of the stabilizer to keep your body in balance. The form is critical and you should skip this exercise if you have any problems at the back.

To make this change, remove the left leg resting for a while, lightly on the finger. The weights in the front of the thighs, hips and lower tip of the weights lower than for its flexibility. Keep your back flat or with a natural arch and keep the ABS hired to protect your back. Tighten the buttocks of the leg work to get up and walk. Do 2 – 3 games for 8 to 12 reps.