How to Prepare Hair Before Virgin Texturizer

A texturizer can help make a thick hair more manageable. However, when you plan on putting chemicals on your hair, it is important to take him to his state as healthy as possible. Once you apply a texturizer or permanent of any kind, the chemistry of your hair is changed and weakened significantly: then go to live with hair strong, healthy, from the beginning can help avoid damage.

Use a deep conditioner to the hair prior to the date the relaxing. Conditioners not only helps to restore moisture to the axis of the hair, but let him more manageable. This will reduce the need to “manipulate” the hair with styling tools. The lowest stress you put on your hair before the texture artist, best.

Reduce the use of styling tools heated. Apartment – irons, hair dryers and other heat cause the greatest damage to the head implements its hair. By reducing its use of them before and after the texture artist, you give your hair a chancede recover a little before applying a box full of chemicals paraisso.

Use the hair down, as far as possible. Braids and other styles tight cause damage and rupture with his hair. Try to let your hair down, when possible, even if it means cutting and shaping it into a hair more conducive to maintenance, such as a style of the length of the shoulder wavy or Bob.

Keep your hair clean to avoid scratches. When you apply chemicals to the axis of the hair, you run the risk of antagonising the scalp. This is even more pronounced when you scratch your head dirty just a day or two before deaplicar a texture artist. Wash your hair a few days before and make sure to limit him well, for your scalp is not dry.

Applies the sunflower oil to your hair before applying the texture artist. The oil will engage in a little natural moisture of the hair, which is corroded by the processode texturing. You should also line of your forehead, neck and around suasorelhas with petroleum jelly to prevent any chemical burn.