How to Decorate a Jean Jacket With a Floral Print

Since the cowboys, miners, has been crowded jackets Jean around 1800, the cover has developed a durable fabric for an indication of a dynamic. It was pale, anxious, dyed and shredded. This is layered on everything from a simple T-shirt dress with a floor – length. And now, this staple wardrobe all American is a canvas to yet another trend: the over – the – shoulder projects BOLD). Customize your favorite layer with a bright floral tissue in the back part of – all that is needed is a patch of iron – and a handful of pins. It ‘s a coating confident the clothes always had a little bit of attitude, and when you use, you will feel even more casually.

Things that you need

  • Jeans jacket
  • 1 / 2 Garden Floral Fabric Printing
  • Iron in adhesive.
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Sharp scissors
  • Pins

Step 1: click the iron with adhesive on the back of the tissue.

Put the iron with adhesive on the back of the fabric floral with the lining paper facing up. Be sure to cover the area that you would like to cut and use at the back of the jacket. Preheat the iron to a heat regulating medium without steam. To attach and hold the iron on the lining paper for 2 seconds. Continue until the entire surface is connected.

Step 2: cut the desired pattern.

Use sharp scissors to cut your floral pattern desired from the tissue.

Step 3: peeling the paper coating of iron in adhesive.

Peel the paper coating on the back of iron with adhesive. You will notice that the backside of your fabric will now have a shiny appearance, which is the adhesive.

Step 4: put the flower print on its back, the jeans jacket

Put the flower print with the adhesive side down on his back, the jeans jacket to determine the exact positioning of the flowers.

Step 5: pin a flower print in place

Use pins to attach the flower print in place.

Step 6: use the iron to join the flower print

Press and hold the iron on the flower print for about 8 seconds, or until the entire part is connected at the back of the jacket. Do not forget to remove the pins before you press.

Step 7: play the jacket

And let ‘s go. His jeans durable never seemed more decorative.