How to Do Computer Repair as a Side Job

Have a job to hand is a great way to help meet the expenditure, or when you’re exploring a field in preparation for a career change or starting self – full – time job. If you ‘re technology, enlightened and have the ability to repair the computer, as well as skills and customer service good, consider starting a business to repair the computer catering to individuals and to work on weekends and at night.
Be sure to run a small business in their spare time is not in conflict with their regular employment. If you are in a work related to the computer as an employee, you may have signed a non compete agreement or a promise not to participate in work outside the company. Especially not work side as a direct competitor to your boss, or use your mailing list for their personal use.
Obtain any certification or training that you need. When you get a tile and begin to make repairs to the people outside of your family, you need to be an expert in your field. If it is commonly required that people in your local area have a MCSE or a + certification, you will also need to be certified. It informs its customers that you have reached a certain level of knowledge and who can rely on you to deal with your computer correctly.
To determine its price. Check what is the market rate going to computer repair services in your area and a competitive price. If you have special abilities, hard to find, you may be able to charge a premium, whereas if you are competing with the most highly experienced, you charge less. Or you can offer in the mass of the prices for companies, the rates of the retainer who anticipate challenges in progress with their computers, or other creative pricing models.
Build your business. You usually need a business license of your city and state, generally available through the website of the state and must have an account of commercial bank set up by your business name. Make sure you separate the business costs of their personal expenses and keep meticulous records to the IRS.
Its services on the market. Mouth to mouth publicity is the cheapest and most effective, but if it is a limited option for you, try advertising on a site, through local radio and print advertising or distributing leaflets. Make sure that your customers understand what they need for their services and what will you do for them is better, faster or cheaper than their competitors.