I am Phil Turner. This site is my baby.

I have had a side-job since 1985. Sometimes I have had ore than one. You do what you have to do to keep the roof over your head and your kids fed,

In today’s world of insecure employment everyone needs a side-job:

  • As insurance against redundancy
  • To provide extra income
  • As a long-term escape plan

My day job was as a teacher, so my own side jobs were mostly education-related. I did a lot of private tuition and exam marking. I also wrote and printed books for teachers.

Nowadays my side-job is my day job. I am a blogger and a writer. People pay me to write for them.

About FoxerFoxer.com

I live in Ireland and side-jobs here are called foxers.

I have built this site to support you in finding a foxer that works for you. Most of us want to quit the day-job sooner rather than later. A foxer will give you more cash to save (Ha ha), it means you can spend time doing something you enjoy and sometimes your foxer can become your new day job.